Luxurious • Massages


Hot Stone Therapy

Defined placement of gently warmed river stones and sweeping strokes restore balance between mind and body. *Pregnant or nursing women should not receive hot stone therapy, but may enjoy our gentle massages.

90 min  125

Aromatherapy Massage

Enjoy a beneficial Swedish massage with essential oils that deepen the relaxation.

60 min    85
90 min  120

Expectant Mothers

Whether you need soothing, gentle relief of aches and pains, improved circulation, or want to relax and melt away stress-- we will customize a massage to suit you and be that well-deserved treat. *Please inform us of pre-existing conditions, complications, and stage of pregnancy. First trimester is not encouraged.

30 min  40
60 min  75

Relaxation Massage

Treat your body to a Swedish relaxation massage and feel the tension disappear.

30 min     40
60 min     75
90 min   110

Deep Tissue Massage

A customized massage using additional pressure to meet your individual goals.

30 min     50
60 min     85
90 min   120

'Luring Facial / Massage Combination

Combine the bliss of a massage with the glowing skin of a facial in one exquisite treatment. Two technicians work together to ensure you are renewed from head to toe. 

50 min   145



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